Without a doubt, one of the best ways to enjoy hot summer is by the pool. Pools provide an excellent way for the whole family to enjoy the outdoors and provide an aesthetic and value-adding element to your property

If you’re considering installing a new inground pool, or maybe just refurbishing a pool and/or surrounds you already have, LivingScape Construction is who you want to talk to best incorporate your pool into any landscape design.

Pools for Family Fun

One of the most popular reasons to install a pool is to create a fun, healthy, and family-friendly outdoor environment. Pools can be designed to accommodate a wide range of age groups. Shallow pool areas provide a refreshing spot for babies and toddlers, while a traditional swimming pool is
best for older children and adults.

Pools for Profit!

In Queensland – where many believe a pool is a necessity – a pool can enhance the value of your home by as much as 20% (for a quality inground pool with attractive landscaping). When you think about how much time we spend outdoors – especially in the warm months – and at home (particularly since Covid), it’s no surprise a pool is considered such an attractive and valuable asset.

When considering any pool plans, it’s good to remember, that beyond just a hole in the ground filled with water, a determining factor for improving your home’s value is a well-maintained, aesthetic pool area. Attractive pool tiles, walkways, and a landscaped backdrop all improve the overall value of
your home. And your enjoyment of it!

Pools for Fitness

Water-based exercises are an excellent way to improve your physical health without putting too much strain on your joints. This is especially good news for people suffering from diseases causing joint pain. Water-based exercises may help alleviate some symptoms and provide a way to improve
overall health in a low-impact environment.

Swimming is an obvious water-based workout, but the options don’t end there. Water aerobics and resistance training may help build muscle and improve flexibility, giving your body a total workout.

What’s better, a pool at home when you live far from the beach (or don’t fancy fighting for parking to get there), means these options and recreational outlets are literally on your doorstep!

Pools are Relaxing

Going for a swim can help reduce stress, as well as provide a great workout. Lounging around in a well-landscaped pool area provides a tranquillity-inducing and aesthetic green space – a personal oasis away from the hustle and bustle of life outside your home.

Pools Build Community

On the other hand, if you’d rather take your entertainment game to the next level, pools provide a refreshing hangout space – nothing brings people together in the heat of summer like a cool, refreshing swim.

Whether you’re throwing a kid’s party, hosting a BBQ, or just a teenager hanging out with friends, a pool offers an invaluable added dimension to social settings.

So whether you’re looking to create a ‘holiday at home’ environment or an outlet for entertaining and exercise (or both!), LivingScape can create can install a pool into nearly any outdoor living space. By incorporating decking, outdoor kitchens, water features, and other outdoor improvements,
LivingScape can create an outdoor living space to rival the holiday destinations you’ve been missing due to travel restrictions. A pool at your place can provide many of the same benefits you’d seek, whether that be relaxation, exercise, fun, solitude, or socializing.

Here’s to pools!