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A big part of our business at LivingScape Construction, is providing specialist retaining wall and stabilisation solutions across the Sunshine Coast – where traditionally they have not been built with longevity in mind!
As registered builders who take pride in our workmanship and durability of finished product, we only build and repair retaining walls based on solid engineering principals, using high quality and durable materials to ensure you won’t have to have it redone in a few years time.
Whether you have a steep coastal block, looking for a feature in your suburban garden or needing to support a driveway on your Hinterland acreage, we have the rock solid experience and expertise in all forms of retaining, ranging from basic garden walls to complex, difficult access engineered retaining walls, as well as the addition of engineering design and advice (if required). We can manage the process from start to finish, and we also attend to retaining wall repairs, as well as a range of other building services such as bricklaying, waterproofing, drainage, and rendering.

Retaining wall options by LivingScape:

Timber: Timber sleeper retaining walls are cost effective and present attractive additions to a garden or landscape. They also present good flexibility in
that they can be easily cut to shape to accommodate different angles or incorporate built in seating for example.

Concrete: Reinforced concrete sleeper walls with metal posts are popular retaining walls due mostly to the fact they are straight forward to build and
present the most durable retaining wall solution. They also come in a variety of different colours and patterns/textures e.g timber and stone looks

Block: specially designed retaining wall blocks come in a variety of types and styles and are stacked to achieve the desired height. Offering plenty of
options in terms of shaping e.g. curved walls, and finish (wood and slate look for example)

Block & Render: Block and render walls are built with steel reinforced footings and concrete blocks, typically reinforcing with steel bars and core-filled with concrete. We are able to render finish to specification. There are also a wide range of stone cladding available that we can apply to enhance appearance.

Stone: Natural stone retaining walls, are a beautiful value adding feature and present a classic ascetic and solid retaining wall solution.

Gabion: Gabion Retaining Walls consists of a wire mesh structure that hold rocks or stones in place. They present a cost-effective alternative to stone walls and are popular in large scale commercial landscaping but also on a smaller scale in residential settings


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