The SE Qld property market is red hot (in case you’ve been living under a rock) and your property value’s appreciating at a rate of knots. At the same time, the majority of us are ‘stuck’ here, with restricted interstate and no overseas travel (excl NZ) and therefore looking around for relaxing and enjoyable locations to spend our hard won downtime. Put these two elements together and surely there has never been a better time to invest in your own backyard? Not only adding value to your home but enjoying all the lifestyle benefits that can come with landscaping and garden renovations.

When it comes to the value of your home, outdoor space can affect the value almost as much as (if not more so) than indoor space. It’s the outdoor space that visitors see first when they arrive at your house. It’s the outdoor space where you spend your time entertaining and playing.

An Outdoor Living Space with Pool

Whether you’re trying to sell, or simply seeking a way to improve your quality of life whilst we ‘sit out’ covid restrictions – and whatever else might come humanities way in the coming years – there are many things you can do to your outdoor space that will add to its value and your quality of life.

LivingScape Construction can help you achieve your home and lifestyle improvement goals, by providing design and outdoor construction services to beautify gardens and landscapes all around the Sunshine Coast. Read on to learn about the many improvements and upgrades that can make all the difference.

Hardscape and Masonry

Hardscaping creates structure in your front yard and back. Hardscaping can take many forms, including patios, decks, pathways, and more. Before installing beautiful landscaping, first, install hardscaping. It’s best to work with an experienced hardscape designer to get this work done.

Deck or Patio

Decks and patios provide a place to lounge, play, and visit with friends and family. Decks are elevated for a slight view, while patios sit fully on the ground. Covered patios provide more all-weather outdoor entertaining options, while decks have a particular aesthetic beauty that appeals to many homeowners. Which one is right for you? Have your hardscaping contractor create a design based on your preferences.

Decks, Patios & Pagolas Designed by LivingScape

Water Features and Fire Features

Water features are serene and provide pleasing sounds as well as beauty. They’re an excellent addition to any garden, eating space or stone patio. They can attract birds, and help create an ambiance that most people enjoy when they’re lounging outside.

Fire features, meanwhile, provide a gathering space where people can spend time warming their hands and bodies. On a dark night, they’re a sight to behold, creating an intimate atmosphere where people can spend time enjoying one another’s company. Fire features can take many forms including a fire pit, fireplace, and more.


Water Features

When you’re trying to decide between a water feature and a fire feature, ask yourself: do you want to stare into the flame or listen to the sound of a babbling brook?


Pathways have utility as well as beauty. They add a dynamic quality to any front- or backyard, by leading the eye and body around the space. Pathways can also prevent an impromptu path from being beaten into the ground in common areas where you and your family members walk.

Beautifully Designed Backyard

Pathways can be made from stone or mulch. Work with your landscaping and hardscaping designer to pick a pathway material that’s best for you.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can create holding places for soil, which can then become garden beds. Retaining walls also add structure to backyards and can flatten sloped ground, creating more usable space. They need to be installed by an experienced contractor with the skills to ensure proper construction, as an improperly built retaining wall may fail.

retaining Walls


Here we consider the living plants that grow up around your hardscaping. Once the hardscaping is in place, the ‘soft landscaping’ such as planting can be installed.

Work with your landscaper to choose plants and flowers with colors that coordinate with your hardscaping, house and surroundings. Some properties benefit from multi-colored flowers while other properties do best with a limited palette. Your landscaper can make recommendations for types of plants suitable for you property based on the amount of light, quality of the soil, and more.

Colourful Landscaping Plants

Ready to Upgrade your property value and lifestyle?

LivingScape Construction provides the best quality landscaping and hardscaping for property owners on the Sunshine Coast, Qld. What you do to your property matters, and how you keep your yard can make a big impact on your home’s value. Work with the best!

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