Sunshine Coasters love to be outdoors, and fortunately we have lots of beautiful outdoor spaces to enjoy. But like anyone, anywhere, sometimes we want to escape the crowds, or having to in the car, and simply relax and enjoy some alfresco tranquillity closer to home. Or even better – your own yard!

Landscape design and enhancement has become an increasingly popular topic amongst home owners as people seek to maximise the useability, value and enjoyment of their #1 investment – their home. However, just taking a look around your own area, you’ll see a variety of landscaping from very basic lawn and edges to more complex terracing, walls, plantings etc incorporating pools or water features, decking and pergolas, paths and so forth. At any level, landscape professionals would have been involved.

From simply levelling the dirt to place a simple lawn, through to the complexity of multifaceted garden design, a professional landscaper is essential to achieving a quality finished result that will not only add value to your home, but be durable and easy to maintain over the years to come. And this is why people engage and advice and support of professional landscapers when working out what to do with their own yard or outdoor space.

Whilst there are a number of landscapers on the Sunshine Coast, they are not all the same. E.g the lawnmower guy is likely not the person to build your deck or retaining wall, and the company that puts in your pool is unlikely to be an expert in the appropriate tiling and planting for around it. Whether it be a as simple a project as repairing a deck, through to executing full landscape architect drawn plans, you’ll need the expertise of a landscaper with experience in all aspects of landscape related projects to help you figure out the best plan for your space and budget. In engaging a professional landscaper, it’s wise to consider the following factors:

1. Reputation of the company:

Before approaching the company, people should consider their reputation.  It’s easy these days with the internet to carry out some background research from your desk or device. Look at Google and Facebook reviews as well as the businesses website for insights into their experience and track record.

2. True professionals:

Landscaping professionals in Queensland should be QBCC (Qld Building & Construction Commission) Licenced. Check they are (by asking for their licence number if not incl on a proposal or quote) before engaging anyone. Their website should also detail the professional experience, skills and qualifications of the team involved. And you want to know that they are fully insured.

3. Team & Equipment:

Most decent size businesses will offer insight to their team and equipment on their website. You want to look for professional qualified landscapers with the skills and expertise you will require for your job e.g plant experts? landscape structure builders? experience in pools and tiling? There are so many aspect to landscaping, check that the landscaper you choose has them covered!

4. Previous project:

Check their website or business listings for a project gallery or portfolio of previous work and if/when you contact them, ask them what recent work they have completed similar to your requirements. Do they offer the skills and experience you require for your project?

5. Budget:

Good landscapers on the Sunshine Coast will happily visit your site to discuss your requirements and often offer a free quotation for the project so you know things are going to cost before committing to anything. It’s important you explain to them your budget and expectations up front, so they can tailor a proposal to work withing your budget.

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